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Danube River, Budapest!

Budapest, cited one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is bisected by the River Danube. Joined by the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, is the Western hilly part of the city known as “Buda” and the Eastern flat of the city known as “Pest”. In Buda you will find such notable sites as the Castle District,
Fisherman’s Bastion & Matthias Church in Trinity Square & the Liberty Statue. Across the River in Pest, you will find the world’s second largest synagogue, Dohany Street Synagogue, the third largest Parliament building & the Central Market.
After a day of sightseeing all of these beautiful sites, I highly suggest the Danube River Dinner Cruise to experience the lighted city from the River, an incredible experience to compliment the day. The city is also home to the largest thermal water cave system and has around 80 thermal springs. The most notable the Szechneyi Thermal Bath, located in Pest next to the cities Zoo, the Bath hosts both indoor and outdoor thermal pools, spas, jets and treatments. The city is also home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries, theatres, wonderful eateries & eccentric nightlife.
For a short trip outside of the city, Siofok & Lake Balaton is the destination. The lake itself is a massive reflection of the sky, and is host to beautiful beaches, volcanic hills, a wine region and tiny folkloric villages dotting the countryside.

The inner city of Budapest is easily accessible by its intelligent transportation system, operating a network of metro, railway, tram, trolley and bus lines, as well as boat services and a bicycle sharing network. While the Euro is widely accepted, the official currency is the Hungarian Forint and will give you the better exchange. Accommodation, food and beverage are lower than average compared to other major European destinations, so you’re sure to get more experience for your budget. Having a very central location gives the opportunity to easily combine a trip with surrounding destinations..

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