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São Paulo: The South American City That Never Sleeps

São Paulo is the most cosmopolitan and important commercial, industrial, and economic hub in South America. It is a must destination for any university group, especially for business schools.

What makes São Paulo truly unique is its variety of cultures and experiences. From the Italian district of Bexiga to the Asian vibes of Liberdade to the Jewish enclave of Bom Retiro, the city offers a rich blend of rich experiences.

Founded in 1554 by Jesuits priests, the city is a vibrant melting pot of many nationalities and cultures. It is home to people from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Japan, the UAE, and many others. 

As you immerse yourself in the city's diversity, you will be captivated by the "subtle inelegance" of its people, as described by Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso in his famous song "Sampa," a colloquial nickname for São Paulo. 

Through "Sampa," Veloso paints a vivid picture of São Paulo's urban landscape, and describes the city's bustling streets, heterogeneous neighborhoods, and the daily struggles of its inhabitants. 

Dubbed the 'Locomotive that pulls the Nation ahead,' São Paulo is constantly in motion. 

Like a magnet, the city attracts migrants and visitors alike, offering a world where every conceivable experience awaits. 

In São Paulo there is something to suit every group needs. From its magnificent architecture ranging from ancient to modern, the city's skyline is a testament to its rich history and progressive spirit. Sprawling parks provide tranquil respites amidst the urban bustle, while theaters showcase a vibrant cultural scene.

São Paulo serves as a hub for trade fairs and business opportunities, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from diverse industries.

In essence, São Paulo has more than 400 hotels and nearly 9000 restaurants.

By Luca Belfor


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