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EMBA Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is comprised of dynamic economies at different stages of development. 

  • Southeast Asian countries are attractive to foreign companies. Installation costs are low, local workforce is qualified and low cost, lifestyle for expatriates is comfortable, and their economic hubs are easily accessible by sea.    

  • The general economic growth, among the fastest in the world, combined with the rapid social changes and the digital revolution is also a favorable ground for dynamic and creative youth entrepreneurship. 

  • Southeast Asia is well positioned to benefit from free trade agreements coming into force including the ASEAN trade agreement, Vietnam-EU agreement, the Transpacific agreement, and the US-Vietnam agreement.

  • Rapid demographic and social change of a young population with access to a better education and improved household infrastructure brings the emergence of a rapidly growing middle-class. The local demand for goods is evolving towards better quality and luxury products, which foster imports, establishment of western brands and a switch in local manufacturing. 

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