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Santiago...maybe the safest city in South America!

Santiago, Chile
It has been 2 years since I last visited Santiago, but on my latest trip there, I was impressed with how the city has grown. New

neighborhoods such as Barrio Italia and La Estarria have a bohemian atmosphere and are trendy places with new artists and fashion.
You can find excellent restaurants around the town, with a large variety of seafood including different flavors of Chilean’s pisco sours. Suggested restaurants: Barrica 94, Como Agua para Chocolate Restaurante 040, and Mestizo.
There are so many good hotels in Santiago but my recommendations are: Panamericano Hotel in Providencia, Atton Hotel in Vitacura and Best Western Marian Hotel in Las Condes. These hotels are located in the best neighborhoods, close to public transportation and restaurants. The city has so many wonderful attractions, from the traditional Central Market to great parks, and world-class museums.
The Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino is one of the best museums in South America, containing artifacts from the various ancient Chilean cultures.
Finally, Santiago, in my opinion, is still one of the safest cities in South America and it has a great subway system, very helpful for students’ group travel and great variety of Chilean Companies that can be incorporated to Business Schools academic program trips.

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