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Singapore - “back to the future”

There may be no city in Asia more appealing as an Incentive Trip destination than Singapore.
Here are the top five reasons why:
1. Traveling to Singapore can be described as “back to the future”; almost entirely rebuilt after WWII, the city is a testament to the best of robust Asian urban planning, with sleek, modern buildings and public places that make the city exciting and well laid out for group touring. There's enough monumental, artistry to keep architecture students snapping pictures for weeks.
2. The island state is home to a wonderful mixture of cultures: over the centuries, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and British migrants and merchants all made their homes here and the resulting cultural stew is delicious and stimulating. Amidst the gleaming new city described above, colorful ethnic enclaves still exist and the city is infused with many cultural traditions and of course fabulous cuisine (which in itself is enough reason to visit Singapore!)
3. The natural setting is astounding as well, especially on the various quays that line the river. Perhaps most impressive is Sentosa Island, a tropical jewel offering sandy beaches and all sorts of entertainment, activities and venues for the most demanding event planners. Looking for “old Asia”? Take a bum boat from Changi Point to Pulao Ubin and you'll find a traditional fishing island that shows how Singaporeans used to live.
4. The hotel infrastructure is excellent, with a wide range of 5* hotels to choose from, all proud of their strong emphasis on service and iconic styles. Options run from the futuristic Marina Hotel, a towering structure overlooking the bay with a zero-edge infinity pool that is mind-blowing to the timeless elegance of colonial style Raffles Hotel
5. Finally, it’s all about logistics: there is ample airlift from into fabled Changi Airport from all over the world. And for pre or post tours, just look at a map: amazing destinations like the beaches of Thailand and Malaysia, the teeming rainforests of Borneo and the archaeological marvels of Cambodia and Java are just a short hop away.
So in planning a group travel to Singapore keep in mind how safe it is, the diverse cultures from the old and new world and the amazing infrastructure it offers. Besides the Incentive Market, we also have experience with business school groups and other special interest clients here. Destination Partners has amazing connections and can deliver unique programs.

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