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Off the Beaten Path in Croatia

For those of you who want to step back in time and get off the beaten path, Croatia is a re-emerging gem that should definitely be considered. With a strong and well-established hospitality industry, the country welcomes visitors to its unique destinations with an easy, pleasurable travel experience. English is widely spoken, transportation is prevalent in and between cities (by bus, trains, ferries, and flights), hotels are kept up to good standards, and the US dollar to Croatian Kuna gives you some extra spending power to enjoy delicious sea food, historical attractions, activities, and other interests.

The tourist season picks up in May, peaks in July/August, and begins to wind down in September. During this time the coastal cities are particularly popular with a plethora of island escapes, plenty of sun, and crystal blue waters beckoning both locals and foreigners.

Along the coast, you should certainly consider a stop in Dubrovnik – a town just shy of 50,000 tucked in between the sea and mountains. Its Old City dates back to the 6th century and is impressively maintained as a UNESCO Heritage Site, most recently made famous as a setting used in HBO’s Game of Thrones. About three hours North by ferry, is the smaller seaside town of Hvar – a popular spring-board to other island destinations. As you make your way inland, forested hills and cultivated fields take over the landscape. An impressive natural wonder lies half-way between the seaside metropolis of Split and the landlocked capital of Zagreb - the terraced lakes of Plitvice, all connected by waterfalls.

Whether you want to escape into the serenity of nature, duck through the alleyways of medieval cities, or be part of the energetic buzz of the modern cities built in and around this old-world charm, Croatia will not disappoint.

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