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Cartagena is One Popular Destination in Colombia

Colombia has 5 distinct regions which offer travelers very different experiences. The Caribbean Region in the north part of Colombia is found between the Andes Mountains and the Caribbean Sea and has a very hot climate. Cartagena is one popular destination in this region where you can find history within the walled Old Town, salsa dancing and some great island beach day trips.
The Andean Region of Colombia is the most densely populated area. This is where the capital Bogota is located as well as Medellin, another popular destination. In Medellin you can experience some lively night life or travel outside the city to a flower farm. Colombia’s coffee region is also located in the Andean Region so do not forget to enjoy some coffee or do a coffee tasting while in the area!
In the Pacific Region which is found on Colombia’s western side you will find a hot and humid region covered in jungle. This area is great for fishing and it is even possible to site some whales between July and November. There is also a rich Afro-Colombia history here.
Travelers looking for an Amazon Rainforest experience can visit Colombia’s Amazon region. It is hot and humid year round. Here you can enjoy the rich biodiversity and experience indigenous cultures.
The fifth region of Colombia is Orinoquia. This region is composed of savannahs and wide plains. This region may interest visitors who are interested in flora and fauna. There region is home to more than 300 bird species, most of them aquatic.

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