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Norway is an Adventurer’s Paradise

Norway is an adventurer’s paradise. For any Destination Partners’ program, quality and safety of services is our primary concern, and for an adventure travel program it takes on another dimension. Our in-country specialty partners in Norway are the best of the best, and I had the opportunity to experience this firsthand on a site inspection to Bergen, Norway preparing for an adventurous group of MBA clients.
Bergen can be reached via connecting flights through European hubs, including connecting through the capital, Oslo. Once you have arrived, within 1-2 hrs drive from the Bergen city center, you have access to the best of the mountains and the fjords. There is a prolific network of bus, train, and ferry travel options for travel within the region. For groups, private chartered buses are more efficient and provide the most flexibility for group travel and activities, but it is recommended to combine bus travel with the occasional ferry and scenic train ride to get the full experience.
A lot can be accomplished in a short stay in Bergen, but weather can be variable so it is nice to have an extra day or two for flexibility if your plans allow. I would recommend a minimum of 2-3 nights in Bergen, and spending at least 1-2 nights in the surrounding mountain regions if you are interested in the great outdoors. Highlights of the region include kayaking day trips or overnights, glacier hiking, mountain biking, and hiking, with late May-early September being peak season.
The Norwegian landscape is breathtaking, but don’t forget your rain gear!

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