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Stockholm, the Capital and Largest City in Sweden

Stockholm, the capital and largest city in Sweden, combines royal palaces, world class museums, great cuisine and a well preserved Old Town. Stockholm is serviced by major airlines with non-stops from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, to name a few. On arrival, there is an affordable public transportation option by train from the airport to the city center.
While average prices for food, beverage, and accommodations in Stockholm typically fall on the higher end of the range compared to other European destinations. There are, however, a good range of accommodation options that can meet any budget, from 4* business class properties to more modest 3* hotels that offer good, clean, basic accommodation. While still a compact city, given the many bridges and different neighborhoods, it is important to consider where groups will be spending the majority of their daily activities and select accommodations in good proximity with respect to traffic.
The city does offer some great options for groups to offset costs and add value to the program. The city has efficient public transportation and also offers the Stockholm Pass, including free entry to 60+ attractions.
Stockholm lends itself to business, urban planning, sustainability, design programs, and more.

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